Skookum Press Release

Anker Schroeder Dortmund (ASDO) and Skookum, two companies with long histories of manufacturing rigging products, have joined forces to bring ASDO’s line of Heavy Lifting shackles to the North American market – U.S. & Canada. With sizes ranging from WLL 85T to 1500T, ASDO is one of the world’s leading producers of large diameter shackles and is the only manufacturer to have DNV Type Approval for 85T to 1500T forged shackles.

Based on years of experience in the metal-forming craft, Skookum forgers and machinists produce shackles, blocks, links, sockets, fairleads, and other specialized rigging products. In this video, we tour you through our facility in Hubbard, Oregon and show you time-tested processes like open-die, closed-die, and upset forging, and meet the people who make it all possible.