400 Series Half Sided Blocks

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  • Work-hardening manganese steel sheave maximize wire rope & sheave life.
  • Equipped with tapered roller bearings for long life in higher line speed applications.
  • Recessed sheave design prevents wire rope from binding between sheave and block side.
  • Half side design for strength with minimized weight.
  • Versatile draw pin allow for rapid reeving & exchange of attaching style.
  • Rugged cast alloy steel sides for demanding environments.
  • ASTM B30.26 compliant.

Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

Sheave DiameterWire Rope MinWire Rope MaxWLL (TONS)ABCDEInside Yoke WidthGYoke Width BelowJKLM
10 5/8 3/412.518.55.5111.752.751.751.752.754.
12 3/4 7/817.5216.2512.5232.382.3834.752.51.751.63
14 3/4 7/817.5236.2515233.383.3834.752.51.751.63
16 3/4 7/817.5256.2517232.382.3834.752.51.751.63