Lightweight Wrecker Snatch Blocks with Hooks

SKU: SKM-1007113

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  • New lightweight design with only 43 lbs for a 15T block!
  • Innovative lightweight hook combines a custom high-strength alloy with a low profile design, creating a tremendous weight to strength ratio.
  • Lightweight composite sheave is specifically designed for increased strength & durability.
  • Corrosion-resistant electroless nickel plating on sides, sheaves pin, and attaching pin.
  • Captured attaching pin for convenient reeving while block is suspended.
  • ASME B30.26-1 compliant

Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

Sheave DiameterWire Rope MinWire Rope MaxWLL (TONS)ADEFGHJKL
6 5/8 3/41019.
8 5/8 3/41021.
10 3/4 7/81525.174.4410.251.972.042.18.642.642.05